Can Athlete’s Foot Affect Everyone?

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athletes foot8Athlete’s foot is a condition that often affects the skin between the toes. The skin will become soft from moisture development and may peel away effortlessly, in addition to possibly having an unpleasant odor. Severe itching generally accompanies athlete’s foot and is often caused by a bacterial infection. Medical conditions such as eczema or psoriasis may also be possible pre-existing conditions that help athlete’s foot develop. It may be prevalent in people who are involved in sports because of the heavy sweating that’s often produced. If public showers are used, it’s suggested that shoes are worn to protect the feet against fungus that may be present on the shower floor. A common method for diagnosing athlete’s foot involves scraping off a portion of the affected area to observe for any signs of infection. If you find that you have athlete’s foot, it’s important to dry your feet thoroughly, particularly in between the toes, and choose shoes that give the toes ample room for movement. Treatment may include using an antifungal ointment and powder for extended relief.

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Athlete’s Foot: The Sole Story

Athlete's foot, also known as tinea pedis, can be an extremely contagious foot infection. It is commonly contracted in public changing areas and bathrooms, dormitory style living quarters, around locker rooms and public swimming pools, or anywhere your feet often come into contact with other people.

Solutions to Combat Athlete’s Foot

  • Hydrate your feet by using lotion
  • Exfoliate
  • Buff off nails
  • Use of anti-fungal products
  • Examine your feet and visit your doctor if any suspicious blisters or cuts develop

Athlete’s foot can cause many irritating symptoms such as dry and flaking skin, itching, and redness. Some more severe symptoms can include bleeding and cracked skin, intense itching and burning and even pain when walking. In the worst cases, athlete’s foot can cause blistering as well. Speak to your podiatrist for a better understanding of the different causes of athlete’s foot, as well as helping you figure out which treatment options are best for you.

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